Frequently asked questions

The revolutionary HemoClin product line offers direct relief from haemorrhoids, fissures and anal discomforts such as sensitivity and itching. HemoClin Spray, HemoClin Original and HemoClin Tube contain a patented Bio-Active Bacterial Blocker (2QR Complex), which blocks harmful microbes and promotes the natural healing process.

HemoClin Original and HemoClin Tube contain a gel that can be applied to internal and external haemorrhoids and relieves anal discomforts.

HemoClin Spray is a lotion in spray form for touch-free application on external haemorrhoids.

HemoClin Wipes are the perfect supplement to both the gel and the spray, ensuring proper personal hygiene and at the same time relieving the symptoms.

HemoClin is a suitable treatment whilst pregnant or nursing, however it is important to consult your doctor, midwife or pharmacist before using any medicine at that time.

The best way to ensure that the applicators of these products remain clean and hygienic is to wash them out with warm water after each use. You may want to use a little soap when cleaning the applicator or tube to ensure optimal cleanliness (but rinse thoroughly, since contact between the affected area and soap or other scented cleaning agents may cause further irritation). Do not using boiling water on the applicators as they may deform.

The colour of the gel may vary from transparent/light yellow to brownish due to the use of natural ingredients. This does not affect the effectiveness nor safety of HemoClin Gel at all.