Prevention of Haemorrhoids

As a prophylactic measure to prevent haemorrhoids, and to prevent them from re-occurring, we suggest to follow a healthy lifestyle with a good mix of nutrition, exercise, toilet habits and anal hygiene.



-    Eat fibre every day.

-    Drink plenty of fluids, 2 litres of water/thee (no alcohol) a day.

-    Cut sugar intake. Too much sugar can cause constipation.

-    The ideal diet contains a lot of wholegrain foods and pulses (peas, lentils) and few fats.

-    Do not take laxatives, and try to ingest as few products with laxating effects (coffee, tobacco, etc.). They can increase the amount of time one is straining during bowel movement and therefore can harm the bowels.



-    Exercise at least 20 minutes a day.

-    Exercise the sphincter muscles. Contracting and releasing these muscles repeatedly will help fortify the tissue.

-    Refrain from prolonged seating


Defecation habits:

-    Spend as little time as possible on the toilet.

-    Don't rush your natural needs. Straining can result in exerting too much pressure.

-    Go to the toilet regularly and try not to hold it. This could result in constipation, which results in more pushing.


Anal hygiene:

-    Be gentle when 'wiping' to not damage the tissue.

-    Follow up the wiping with a moist treatment. Most appropriate is a gentle stream of warm water, or to use a wet tissue.